Laravel Artisan Documentator

0.3.2 2022-01-25 01:57 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-01-25 06:13:50 UTC


This package provides generate documentation about your app console commands.


Run commands:

  • composer require --dev artarts36/artisan-documentator
  • php artisan vendor:publish --provider="ArtARTs36\ArtisanDocumentator\Providers\ArtisanDocumentatorServiceProvider" --tag=config

Console commands

After installation, you can run command php artisan command:doc {path}. Example: php artisan command:doc docs/


You can set command's namespaces in the file: config/artisan_documentator.php in section 'namespaces':

    'namespaces' => [
        // 'namespace:' => 'title,
        // 'app:' => 'App Commands',
        // 'make:' => 'Laravel make Commands',

Using in CI

In order to use generation in CI you need to specify your login and token in the file in the file: config/artisan_documentator.php in section 'git.remotes':

    'git' => [
        'dir' => base_path(),
        'remote' => [
            'login' => 'my-name',
            'token' => env('ARTISAN_DOCUMENTATOR_GIT_REMOTE_TOKEN'),
        'commit' => [
            'message' => '[DOCS] auto-build console documentation',

Command call in your CI conf file:

php artisan command:doc docs/ --ci

Command Description

Must fill property description in console commands for full documentation.

Use the PHP CS Fixer rule PhpCsFixerGoodFixers/laravel_command_no_empty_description to prevent undescribed commands from entering your repository.