EK management tools installation template based on EK projects with Drupal 9.

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EK management tools project template for composer based projects.

This is a composer based installer for the EK management tools profile.


  1. Composer

It's just composer, isn't it awesome? :)

Installation of EK management tools

composer create-project arreasystems/ek_template:dev-master DIRECTORY --no-interaction

Composer will create a new directory called DIRECTORY. Inside you will find the html directory with the entire code base of EK management tools profile. You should be able to install it like any other Drupal site.

Learn more about Composer for Drupal

Checkout this introduction from Drupal.


Install issues for EK management tools


EK issues & Support

For any issues with the platform we kindly ask you to use the issue queue. This way we can centralise all the information and make the feedback available for other users for documentation purposes. Next to giving people the credit they deserve.