Tools for interfacing with the Keycloak API

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Last update: 2024-05-20 12:19:36 UTC


This repository is the very initial outline for interfacing with the Keycloak account_api.


To add this to your project:

composer require aria-php/keycloak-api

Supported features

This API wrapper supports the ability to:

Account API

  • Retrieve the profile of your user (as identified by your access_token sent as a bearer token)
  • Update the profile
  • Set the user's password


use ARIA\KeycloakAPI\AccountAPI;


$api = new AccountAPI($client_id, $secret, 'master', 'http://localhost:8080');

$profile = $api->getProfile();

// Make your updates here



Your user is identified by obtaining an access token from keycloak for the user, and then passing it as a bearer token.

Note: this is the access_token, not the id_token.


In order to run the unit tests you need to set up some environment variables:

  • KEYCLOAK_USER is the user you're trying to connect to
  • KEYCLOAK_PASS their password
  • KEYCLOAK_REALM the keycloak realm (e.g. "master")
  • KEYCLOAK_CLIENT_ID the keycloak client id (e.g. "account")
  • KEYCLOAK_SECRET the client secret
  • KEYCLOAK_BASEURL the base URL, e.g. "http://localhost:8080"

You will also need to enable "Direct access grants" for your client.


LGPLv3 - Please see LICENSE.txt for details.