Multithreaded DNS serve written in php

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Are you serious? A DNS server written in pure PHP for PHP? Ohhhh Yes! :)

We use this in the project as a server component for handling DNS requests. The purpose to implement a DNS server is to deliver it with and allow automatich DNS resolution for the defined virtual hosts.


If you want to use the DNS server with your application add this

    "require": {
        "appserver-io/dnsserver": "dev-master"

to your composer.json and invoke composer update in your project.


If you can satisfy the requirements it is very simple to use the DNS server. Just do this:

git clone
cd dnsserver
PHP_BIN=/path/to/your/threadsafe/php-binary bin/dnsserver

If you're using the start line will be:


Open a console and enter

console$ dig @ A +short

the output should be

which is the IP v4 address for the domain, defined in the file etc/dns_record.json ;)

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