This package is not installable via Composer 1.x, please make sure you upgrade to Composer 2+. Read more about our Composer 1.x deprecation policy.

Yet another API framework

v0.0.5 2016-04-08 16:33 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-11-29 02:00:01 UTC


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  1. Create a new composer application depending on apitude/apitude and run composer install
  2. Copy everything in vendor/apitude/apitude/install to your application root
  3. Set environment constants and other configuration in config/local.config.php
  4. Include any extra plugin modules you will want for your application (auth, etc)
  5. Create a tmp directory in your root application directory.
  6. Create tmp/proxies
  7. Create tmp/cache
  8. Ensure tmp directory and its children are writable by your web server user (www-data in most cases).
  9. Add tmp to your application's .gitignore file so none of its contents are added to your repository.
  10. Create a Migrations folder (must be capitalized) in your application's root.
  11. Set your web server to hit public/api.php for non-static content
  12. To run console commands use the vendor/bin/apicon command