Provides an enhanced UX using the Knockout MVVM JavaScript library, plus an associated validation plugin, with Silverstripe forms. Silverstripe generates a form, specifying the Knockout styled form fields, and validation needs are added to observables via a Knockout js extension. Default messages

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Provides an enhanced UX for Silverstripe forms using the Knockout MVVM JavaScript library plus an associated validation plugin

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Why use this Silverstripe module?

  • Prevent incorrect form submission
  • Live validation responses
  • Present messages via span element or tooltip
  • Browser support back to ie6

How it works

Add validation needs to the observables in a Knockoutjs viewModel. Next, utilising the Knockout Form Fields, use Silverstripe to create the form. Upon bind, the field values are passed into the observables via a custom binding handler. The rules placed upon the observable will control the field validation.

The Approach of this Module

  • Extend Silverstripe form fields to place a Knockout observable and the value on the element
  • Use Knockout-Validation to validate the fields
  • Option to disable the submit button until all rules are satisfied




Future Development Ideas

  • Add additional fields
  • Explore the use of knockout-pre-render for the display of data in a grid (would replace the setKnockout binding handler and restructure the templates/tests). This library is currently only one dimensional.

Pull Requests are Welcome

The recommended approach is to extend an existing Silverstripe field. Ensure that the appropriate Binding Type is specified and cast getters from trait class Common.php and add any needed methods.

namespace AntonyThorpe\Knockout;

use SilverStripe\Forms\????Field;

 * Knockout NameOfNewField
 * Creates a {@link NameOfNewField} with an additional data-bind attribute that links to a Knockout observable
class KnockoutNameOfField extends ????Field
    use \Knockout\Common;

     * bindingType
    protected $bindingType = "theKnockoutBindingHandler";

     * casting of variables for security purposes
    protected $casting = array(
        "Observable" => "Varchar",
        "BindingType" => "Varchar",
        "OtherBindings" => "Varchar",
        "HasFocus" => "Varchar"

If needed add the __construct function to overriding the field's class.

Adapt the Frameworks form templates to incorporate Knockout's binding handlers and save into templates/AntonyThorpe/Knockout.


  • Create a model test for the new form field
  • Update KnockoutFormTest.php and KnockoutFormTestController.php to test the creation of the binding handler in HTML.
  • Add the new Knockout field to the form function within the KnockoutFormTestController class
  • Add a new assertion to the testKnockoutForm function within the KnockoutFormTest class
  • Add to docs/en/


None sorry.

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