Packages from antonythorpe

  • PHP


    A SilverStripe BulkLoader for consuming external APIs

  • Scheme


    Rollbar Integration for SilverStripe. Rollbar automates error monitoring and triaging, so developers can fix errors that matter within minutes, and build software quickly and painlessly. See for more information.

  • PHP


    Silvershop submodule that adds bank deposit as a Payment Method

  • PHP


    SilverShop submodule that provides JSON responses for cart updates

  • PHP


    SilverShop submodule that adds multiple product images to the Product Page with a thumbnail gallery & zooming

  • PHP


    SilverShop submodule that provides product model management under ProductCategory pages

  • PHP


    SilverShop submodule which allows you to specify related products for any Buyable

  • PHP


    Silvershop submodule that integrates with Unleashed Software Inventory Management

  • PHP


    Through new methods on the FormField, CSS classes can be added to any Field Holder template. That is, to the opening div, Validation span, Middle Column/Description div, and Left/Right label.

  • PHP


    Provides an enhanced UX using the Knockout MVVM JavaScript library, plus an associated validation plugin, with Silverstripe forms. Silverstripe generates a form, specifying the Knockout styled form fields, and validation needs are added to observables via a Knockout js extension. Default messages are available or can be customised. The submit button will only be enabled upon satisfaction of all the validation rules.