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2.0.0 2023-07-03 17:37 UTC


PHP full featured framework designed to allow you creating 100% framework agnostic code.

Key Features

  • Preconfigured Coding Style: Psr-1 and Psr-2 code sniffer to help to respect standard
  • Logger: Psr-3 implementation by wshafer/monolog
  • Auto-loading: Psr-4 Namespaces auto-loading
  • Request Response Lifecycle: Psr-7 Request and responses using Laminas Diactoros
  • Auto-wired Dependency injection: Psr-11 Auto-wired dependency injection container
  • Event Dispatcher: Psr-14 Event dispatching system
  • Request pipeline: Psr-15 Request handler and Middleware
  • Pipeline based router: Intuitive to use route system
  • Different Config Translators: Laminas config style or Symfony style
  • Cli: Ready to use Console Line Tool on top of Symfony Console Tool

Quick Start

composer create-project antidot-fw/antidot-framework-starter project-name
cd project-name
XDEBUG_MODE=off bin/console serve # runs Async server with XDebug disabled for better performance
php -S -t public # runs Sync server nice for testing

Read the Getting started guide in the docs site.

Special thanks & Sponsors

  • JetBrains: Thanks for supporting us with the All Products Pack License for Open Source