Full UI theme for CakePHP 2.x

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v1.1.4 2019-12-01 16:42 UTC

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Last update: 2020-01-31 17:07:10 UTC


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Full UI theme for CakePHP

This plugin provides next features:

  • Using additional JS and CSS files in main layout;
  • Retrieving list of specific CSS or JS files for action of controller;
  • Rendering CakePHP Flash message using Noty or Bootstrap;
  • Rendering styled information on error or exception;
  • Creating tour of the application;
  • Filter for table data with a group action, data export and printing;
  • Pagination controls elements:
    • Change the limit of entries on the page;
    • Go to the page;
    • Load more button (display as list).
  • Creation the links:
    • with confirmation;
    • with the request AJAX or PJAX;
    • with the AJAXrequest without render result (only Flash message);
    • with display result in a modal or popup window;
    • with progress bar from queue of tasks;
    • with disabled state;
    • with Lightbox gallery.
  • Creating forms with tabs, with an progress bar of filling the input;
  • Creating forms for AJAX upload files;
  • Creating forms inputs:
    • select with search and AJAX loading list;
    • date and time picker;
    • country flag picker;
    • spinner input;
    • drop down input;
    • checkbox and radio button;
    • password input with checking Caps Lock;
    • text input with autocomplete, input mask or focus;
    • textarea input with autocomplete.
  • Creating page header with small menu with typical actions;
  • Creating tooltips;
  • Creating time ago block;
  • Creating a collapsible tree and table with support for moving and drag and drop;
  • Create a button for printing page;
  • Showing button Scroll to top;
  • AJAX render the block at regular intervals;
  • Creating main menu with search input;
  • Creating a page footer;
  • Checking UI is ready to be displayed.


  1. Install the Plugin using composer: composer require anklimsk/cakephp2-theme

  2. Add the next line to the end of the file app/Config/bootstrap.php:

    CakePlugin::load('CakeTheme', ['bootstrap' => true, 'routes' => true]);
  3. Copy configuration file from app/Plugin/CakeTheme/Config/asset_compress.local.ini to app/Config/asset_compress.ini

  4. Create symlink ln -sr app/Plugin/CakeTheme/webroot/ app/webroot/cake_theme

  5. Generate compiled assets run CakePHP console command Console/cake asset_compress build_ini


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