CakePHP highly configurable helpers for Bootstrap 3 framework.

1.2 2015-12-29 19:50 UTC


Yet another Cake 2.x form helper, but with minimal coding and highly configurable.

Feel free to make any code/docs contributions or post any issues.

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  1. Install with composer by running composer require codaxis/cakephp-bootstrap3-helpers:1.1 or clone/copy files into app/Plugin/Bs3Helpers

  2. Include the plugin in your bootstrap.php with CakePlugin::load('Bs3Helpers') or CakePlugin::load('Bs3Helpers', array('bootstrap' => true)) to load included default Bootstrap form styles.

  3. Load helper in your AppController. Use classname option if you want to keep your helper alias as Form.

    // In AppController.php
    public $helpers = array('Bs3Helpers.Bs3Form');
    // or
    public $helpers = array('Form' => array('className' => 'Bs3Helpers.Bs3Form'));
  4. Define your custom form styles at wish in your bootstrap.php

Form helper usage options

BsFormHelper::create() custom options:

  • formStyle => shortcut for custom form styles. E.g.: formStyle => inline will add 'form-inline' class to form tag

  • submitDiv => if set, will enable end() method div option and set passed div class. Useful to be used gloabally or with a defined form style

Bs3FormHelper::input() default base options:

  • class => 'form-control'
  • div => array('class' => 'form-group')
  • label => array('class' => 'control-label')
  • error => array('attributtes' => 'array('class' => 'help-block'))

Bs3FormHelper::input() custom options:

  • beforeInput => html code to prepend right before the input.
  • afterInput => html code to append right after the input.
  • wrap => if set, will wrap the form input inside a div with the css class passed. Useful for input sizing.
  • help => help text to show after input. Will be rendered inside a div with .help-block class.
  • errorClass => Error class for .form-group div. Defaults to 'has-error'.
  • errorsAlwaysAsList => if set to true, will render error messages always inside as list, no matter if there's only one error. Useful to ensure ui consistency.
  • feedback => allows feedback icons in text inputs, passing fa-icon-name or glyphicon-icon-name will render the full <i> tag.
  • inputGroup => array options that supports the following params:
    • size => can be sm or lg
    • prepend: html code to prepend. If it starts with fa or glyphicon, will be interpreted as an icon and the full icon tag will be rendered.
    • append: html code to prepend. If it starts with fa or glyphicon, will be interpreted as an icon and the full icon tag will be rendered.
  • externalWrap => if set, the whole input div (without taking into account .help-block) will be wrapped inside another div with the given class will be applied, preventing unnecessary shrinking in some cases. Solves this issue twbs/bootstrap#9694.
  • checkboxLabel: if set, will wrap a single checkbox inside a div.checkbox and a label with the passed text.
  • inline => used in conjuntion with checkbox and radio groups to allow inline display.

Global form styles

Global form styles can be defined in bootstrap.php and used anywhere by passing the formStyle option in create() method.

Inbuilt styles horizontal and inline included are defined like:

Configure::write('Bs3.Form.styles', array(
	'horizontal' => array(
		'formDefaults' => array(
			'submitDiv' => 'col-sm-10 col-sm-offset-2'
		'inputDefaults' => array(
			'label' => array(
				'class' => 'col-sm-2 control-label'
			'wrap' => 'col-sm-10',
	'inline' => array(
		'inputDefaults' => array(
			'label' => array(
				'class' => 'sr-only'

Html helper usage options



Licensed under MIT License