Set of custom loggers for Monolog in Laravel

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Set of custom loggers for Monolog in Laravel.

Laravel Logger Channels

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To get the latest version of Laravel Logger Channels, simply require the project using Composer:

$ composer require andrey-helldar/laravel-logger-channels

This command will automatically install the latest version of the package for your environment.

Instead, you may of course manually update your require block and run composer update if you so choose:

    "require": {
        "andrey-helldar/laravel-logger-channels": "^1.2"


There are two methods for using custom loggers - calling a class with a settings preset or manually setting a logger.

Processes Rotation

Add a new channel in file config/logging.php or modify an existing one using one of the following methods:

use Helldar\LaravelLoggerChannels\Loggers\ProcessesRotation\DifferentLogsChannel;

return [
    'channels' => [
        'your_channel' => DifferentLogsChannel::get(
use Helldar\LaravelLoggerChannels\Loggers\Common\LogFormatter;
use Helldar\LaravelLoggerChannels\Loggers\ProcessesRotation\Logger;

return [
    'channels' => [
        'your_channel' => [
            'driver' => 'custom',
            'via'    => Logger::class,
            'tap'    => [LogFormatter::class],
            'path'   => storage_path('logs/your-filename.log'),
            'days'   => 7,

In each case, one log file will be created for one session. The session label is taken from the global variable LARAVEL_START.



This package is licensed under the MIT License.

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