Janitor is a tool to help you remove unused code, views and assets from your codebase.

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Janitor is a tool to help you remove unused code, routes, views and assets from your codebase.


Simply run the following command via Composer:

$ composer require anahkiasen/janitor --dev

Then add Janitor's service provider to your application's local providers:




You can see the various things Janitor can do by simply running:

$ php artisan list janitor


Janitor can also be used programmatically, in order to do so:

// Define your codebase
$codebase = new Janitor\Codebase('app');

// Create an instance of any of Janitor's analyzer classes
$analyzer = new Janitor\Services\Analyzers\ViewsAnalyzer($codebase);

// Tell it which files you wish to analyze, and run the process
$files = $analyzer->analyze();

Here, $files will be a Collection of instances of AbstractAnalyzedEntity. Its most important property is the usage property, it's an integer whose value goes from 0 (file unused) to 1 (file used). The value can vary between these two points to indicate how certain Janitor is that the file is used.

  "root": "/Users/foobar/Sites/foo/bar/app/views",
  "name": "_emails/feedback.twig",
  "usage": 0

Available analyzers

Name Description Status
ViewsAnalyzer Analyzes your codebase and check for unused views
DatabaseAnalyzer Checks your database for dead entries Planned
CodebaseAnalyzer Checks your codebase for unused classes, models, etc Planned
RoutesAnalyzer Checks your views and controllers for unused routes Planned

Contributions and suggestions are welcome.


$ phpunit


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License AbstractAnalyzedFile for more information.