A library for working with the Open Exchange Rates API in PHP

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A PHP 5.4+ library for working with currency APIs and conversion.

Current Providers for data are:


Feel free to add more!


To dive in with the OpenExchangeRates API implementation, go sign up for an app id. It's free!

Laravel 5

Money ships with a Laravel 5 service provider.

Simply add Amelia\Money\MoneyServiceProvider::class to your providers array in config/app.php.

You can type-hint Amelia\Money\FactoryInterface in controllers (or more importantly, form requests), or use app(FactoryInterface::class) to fetch it from the IoC container.


use Amelia\Money\FactoryInterface;

class FooController extends Controller {
    public function __construct(FactoryInterface $money) {
        $money->convert($amount = 130.01, $from = "USD", $to = "GBP");
        $newMoney = $money->base("GBP"); // switch the base currency

Add the following configuration to the config/services.php array

"money" => [
    "api" => env("MONEY_API_TYPE", "openexchangerates"),
    "key" => env("MONEY_API_KEY", null),

Usage without a framework:


use Amelia\Money\OpenExchangeRatesFactory;
$converter = OpenExchangeRatesFactory::create(["key" => "YOUR_APP_ID"]);

$converter->convert(140, "gbp", "nok"); // currency codes are case-insensitive.
var_dump($converter->getRates(), $converter->getBase());

Converter instances are immutable. To change the base currency, use the ->base(string $base) method. To change the rates, make a new object.