Redis or MySQL-based session management

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MySQL & Redis-based session management

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Installation is available via Composer:

composer require aloframework/session

Additional steps for MySQL

MySQL-based sessions require an additional step which is described in setup/


All sessions use the same interface (bar the constructor), in this example Redis will be used.

    use AloFramework\Session\RedisSession;
    //Make our Redis connection
    $redis = new Redis();
    //Start our session. The redis parameter can be omitted, in which case the code above will be run automatically
    // within the class
    $sess = (new RedisSession($redis))->start();
    //That's it - you can now use the handler just like you would use a regular PHP session.
    $_SESSION['foo'] = 'bar';
    echo $_SESSION['baz'];
    //Additionally, you can work directly with the RedisSession object via the ArrayAccess interface and magic
    // getter+setter:
    $sess->foo   = 'bar';
    $sess['foo'] = 'bar';
    echo $sess->foo;
    echo $_SESSION['foo'];


An instance of \Psr\Log\LoggerInterface should be passed on to the constructor to make use of basic logging (almost everything is debug-level). If one isn't passed on, an instance of \AloFramework\Log\Log will be created with default parameters.


Configuration is done via the Configuration class.

  • Config::CFG_TIMEOUT - session lifetime in seconds (defaults to 300)
  • Config::CFG_COOKIE_NAME - how the session cookie will be named (defaults to AloSession)
  • Config::CFG_FINGERPRINT_NAME - the session key which will hold the session-hijacking prevention fingerprint. You cannot set any session keys with the same name as that would invalidate the session. Defaults to _fp_.
  • Config::CFG_PREFIX - how to prefix session keys if using cache-based handlers. Defaults to _alo_sess_.
  • Config::CFG_SESSION_ID_ALGO - hashing algorithm to use for session IDs. Defaults to sha512.
  • Config::CFG_TABLE - table to use if using MySQL-based handlers. Defaults to alo_session.
  • Config::CFG_SECURE - if set to true, the session cookie will only be sent via HTTPS connections (defaults to true).
  • Config::CFG_GC - garbage collection probability. If set to 100 (default) there is a 1/100 (i.e. 1% chance) that a garbage collection event will occur on session start. This is only used with MySQLNoEventSession.
  • Config::CFG_SAVE_CLI - whether to save/write session data in CLI mode (default: false)
  • Config::CFG_TOKEN - The session key to identify token data. You must not set any session values using this key as that would invalidate the tokens. Defaults to _tk_.