The logger of AloFramework

3.0.1 2016-11-07 22:03 UTC


A simple, configurable logger implementing the PSR-3 standards interface.

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Installation is available via Composer:

composer require aloframework/log



    use AloFramework\Log\Log;
    $log = new Log();
    $log->notice('My notice message');
    $log->error('An error message');


General configuration guidelines can be found here.

The following configuration keys available:

  • Config::LOG_LABEL: How the log entries will get labelled (default: SYSTEM)
  • Config::LOG_LEVEL: Minimum log level to log (default: LogLevel::DEBUG)
  • Config::SAVE_PATH: The log file's location (default: src/logs/YYYY-mm-dd.log). Alternatively, you can pass a file handle (opened by fopen())
  • Config::LOCK_FILE: Controls whether file locking should take place while writing log entries (default: true)