The error and exception handlers of AloFramework

3.0 2016-11-07 21:47 UTC


A powerful error and exception handler of AloFramework. It can automatically log errors and exceptions if an object implementing the \Psr\Log\LoggerInterface is passed on and will echo output based on your server's error reporting settings, altering its format depending on whether an error is raised during a HTTP or CLI call.

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Installation is available via Composer:

composer require aloframework/handlers


  • To enable the exception handler call \AloFramework\Handlers\ExceptionHandler::register()
  • To enable the error handler call \AloFramework\Handlers\ErrorHandler::register()
  • To enable the shutdown handler call \AloFramework\Handlers\ShutdownHandler::register()


Every error and exception has to be logged in this package. You can supply your own logger to have more control; if you don't, aloframework/log will be used with its default settings.


Configuration is done via the classes in the AloFramework\Handlers\Config namespace.


  • CFG_CSS_PATH - path to the CSS file which will style the HTML output. Defaults to error.min.css in the src directory.
  • CFG_TRACE_MAX_DEPTH - maximum number of debug backtrace items to display [50]
  • CFG_BACKGROUND - CLI output background colour [default]
  • CFG_FOREGROUND_NOTICE - CLI output notice level foreground colour [cyan]
  • CFG_FOREGROUND_WARNING - CLI output warning level foreground colour [yellow]
  • CFG_FOREGROUND_ERROR - CLI output error/exception level foreground colour [red]
  • CFG_FORCE_HTML - Whether to force HTML output even in CLI mode [false]

Error Handlers' Config

  • CFG_ERROR_LEVEL - Which error levels to handle. Defaults to the value of error_reporting().
  • CFG_LOG_ERROR_LOCATION - Whether to include the error location in the log [true]

Exception Handlers' Config

  • CFG_EXCEPTION_DEPTH - Maximum number previous exceptions to output in the exception handler [10]
  • CFG_LOG_EXCEPTION_LOCATION Whether to include the exception location in the log [true]