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Mantle is a framework for building large, robust websites and applications with WordPress.


Mantle is a framework designed to make WordPress development simpler with a more delightful syntax. It is built for enterprise-level WordPress plugins and themes and is inspired largely by Laravel. Mantle is designed to be a standalone plugin that integrates well with your theme, allowing your theme to focus on the styles and layout and leaving the rest of the functionality to be built within the Mantle plugin.

For more information about the framework and how to get started using it, check out the Mantle Documentation Site.


Mantle plugins should live in wp-content/plugins/{site-slug}/ within a WordPress installation. You can add a copy of Mantle to your existing WordPress site by running the following command:

composer create-project alleyinteractive/mantle my-site \
  --remove-vcs \
  --stability=dev \
  --no-cache \

Alternatively, you can use the Mantle Installer package and install Mantle (and WordPress optionally) automatically:

mantle new my-site

You can also use a our create-mantle-app starter kit to get a fully scaffolded wp-content-rooted WordPress project out of the box. For more information, see Installation.


This project is actively maintained by Alley Interactive. Like what you see? Come work with us.

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This software is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or any later version.