Provides PIM product reader with more option (choice on completeness, choice on enabled, delta based on last export time)

v1.4.2 2017-08-08 16:01 UTC


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This bundle adds some new exports to Akeneo:

  • Family export in CSV format for PimGento (only codes and labels).

  • Attribute export in CSV format for PimGento with corresponding family code.

This bundle can be use as a replacement for the DnD-MagentoConnectorBundle, to work with PimGento. However, it does not provide a SSH export as the DnD Magento connector bundle does. If you need to automatically send your exports to PimGento, you should set up a CRON task and include the SSH export in it.


EnhancedConnectorBundle Akeneo PIM Community Edition
v1.4.* v1.7.*
v1.3.* v1.6.*
v1.2.* v1.5.*
v1.1.* v1.4.*
v1.0.* v1.3.*


Install the bundle with composer:

    php composer.phar require akeneo-labs/pim-enhanced-connector:~1.4

Enable the bundle in the app/AppKernel.php file:

    public function registerProjectBundles()
        return [
            new Pim\Bundle\EnhancedConnectorBundle\PimEnhancedConnectorBundle(),
            // ...

Now let's clean your cache and dump your assets:

    php app/console cache:clear --env=prod
    php app/console pim:installer:assets --env=prod



This section explains how to export your data from Akeneo PIM. If you want to know how to use them once exported, take a look at the PimGento documentation.

Go to Spread > Export and create the export you need (note that you can export your data in whatever order you want, only PimGento requires that you import data in a precise order, the same that is used below):

  1. Category export: use the standard Akeneo CSV export for category exports.

  2. Family export: use the "Export families to CSV for PimGento" job from the Enhanced connector bundle.

  3. Attribute export: use the "Export attributes to CSV for PimGento" job from the Enhanced connector bundle.

  4. Attribute option export: use the standard Akeneo CSV export for attribute options.

  5. Product export: use the standard "Export products" that you can configure through the Export Builder.

All these exports are configured like standards CSV Akeneo exports: you need to define a delimitor (the character separating the elements on a same line), an enclosure (for instance, if a label contain spaces, it needs to be enclose to avoid import errors), if you want headers in your file, and the file path to save your export.

However, the family and the product exports adds a few new configuration fields, as explained below.

Family export

You need to choose which in which language you want to export the family label, as PimGento needs only one label (ideally, the language should correspond to the Magento locale for the administration interface).