Akeneo PIM Excel connector bundle

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v1.6.2 2016-07-25 08:19 UTC


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DEPRECATED: this bundle is not compatible with the latest Akeneo PIM. Starting from 1.6 PIM version, you should use ExcelInitBundle instead.

This bundle adds support of Excel XSLX files as a source for initializing catalog structure and import/export of products for Akeneo PIM.


ExcelConnectorBundle Akeneo PIM Community Edition
v1.6.* v1.5.*
v1.5.* v1.4.*
v1.4.* v1.3.*
v1.3.* v1.2.*
v1.1.*, v1.2.* v1.1.*
v1.0.* v1.0.*


From your application root:

    php composer.phar require --prefer-dist akeneo-labs/excel-connector-bundle:1.6.*

Enable the bundle in the app/AppKernel.php file in the registerBundles() method:

    $bundles = [
        // ...
        new Akeneo\Bundle\SpreadsheetParserBundle\AkeneoSpreadsheetParserBundle(),
        new Pim\Bundle\ExcelConnectorBundle\PimExcelConnectorBundle(),

Now let's clean your cache and dump your assets:

    php app/console cache:clear --env=prod
    php app/console pim:installer:assets --env=prod


Getting started

See Resources/doc/Getting started for more details on how to set your catalog structure using the init.xslx file.

See Resources/doc folder for more details on how to set your catalog structure

Supported file

Input file must follow init.xslx structure. Note that the file must be opened with Excel. LibreOffice/OpenOffice are not in compliance with validations data that are available in the spreadsheet.

Importation job

This bundle allows you to import products files directly in the UI through Import > Import jobs. Please note that the init.xlsx import is also available via the UI. However, it should not be used as an import system for entities available within this file (families, categories, etc.) once the catalog structure has been set.


###The import fails when importing families

Check that your channels names are correct in both family and channel tabs. You might have a typo in the channels tab and not in the family tab. You will have to remove the mispelled channel once you corrected this.