Laravel 5 Queue Driver for Microsoft Azure Storage Queue

v5.6.0 2018-02-07 23:53 UTC


PHP Laravel 5 Queue Driver package to support Microsoft Azure Storage Queues


  • PHP 7+ for Laravel 5.5+
  • Laravel 5.5 (not tested on previous versions)
  • Microsoft Azure Storage account and API key
  • Queue container created through Azure Portal or via Azure CLI / PowerShell


Install using composer

You can find this library on Packagist.

Require this package in your composer.json. The version numbers will follow Laravel.

Laravel 5.5.x

"akayaman/azure-queue-laravel": "5.5.*"
composer require akayaman/azure-queue-laravel:5.5.*


Add Provider

If you are not using Laravel auto package discovery, add the ServiceProvider to your providers array in config/app.php:


Add Azure queue configuration

Add the following to the connections array in config/queue.php, and fill out your own connection data from the Azure Management portal:

'azure' => [
    'driver'        => 'azure',                         // Leave this as-is
    'protocol'      => 'https',                         // https or http
    'accountname'   => env('AZURE_QUEUE_STORAGE_NAME'), // Azure storage account name
    'key'           => env('AZURE_QUEUE_KEY'),          // Access key for storage account
    'queue'         => env('AZURE_QUEUE_NAME'),         // Queue container name
    'endpoint'      => env('AZURE_QUEUE_ENDPOINT'),     // Queue endpoint
    'timeout'       => 60                               // Timeout (seconds) before a job is released back to the queue

Add environment variables into your .env file to set the above configuration parameters if you prefer:


Set the default Laravel queue

Update the default queue used by Laravel by setting the QUEUE_DRIVER value in your .env file to azure.



Use the normal Laravel Queue functionality as per the documentation.

Remember to update the default queue by setting the QUEUE_DRIVER value in your .env file to azure.


Released under the MIT License. Based on Alex Bouma's Laravel 4 package, updated for Laravel 5.