Provide asterisk ami to laravel frok from Enniel Ami, im trying to use on laravel 7 and php>7.0

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Easy control via asterisk manager interface (AMI).

Installation and configuration

To install as a composer package to be used with Laravel 5, simply run:

composer require "enniel/ami"

Once it's installed, you can register the service provider in config/app.php in the providers array:

'providers' => [

Then publish assets with php artisan vendor:publish. This will add the file config/ami.php.


Connection options

You are can specify connection parameters for each command.

Option Description
--host Asterisk AMI server host
--port Asterisk AMI server port
--username Asterisk AMI server username
--secret Asterisk AMI server secret

Listen ami events

php artisan ami:listen

If would you like to see event log in the console use monitor option

php artisan ami:listen --monitor

Send ami action

php artisan ami:action <action> --arguments=<key>:<value> --arguments=<key>:<value> ...
Artisan::call('ami:action', [
    'action'      => <action>,
    '--arguments' => [
        <key> => <value>

Send sms messages using chan dongle

php artisan ami:dongle:sms <phone> <message> <device?>
Artisan::call('ami:dongle:sms', [
    'phone'   => <phone>,
    'message' => <message>,
    'device'  => <device?>,

For sending long messages use pdu mode.

php artisan ami:dongle:sms <phone> <message> <device?> --pdu
Artisan::call('ami:dongle:sms', [
    'phone'   => <phone>,
    'message' => <message>,
    'device'  => <device?>,
    '--pdu'   => true,

Argument device is not required.

Send ussd commands using chan dongle

php artisan ami:dongle:ussd <device> <ussd>
Artisan::call('ami:dongle:ussd', [
    'device' => <device>,
    'ussd'   => <ussd>,

Send ami commands

This command started cli interface for ami. Command attribute is optional.

php artisan ami:cli [command]

Close cli interface after sending command.

php artisan ami:cli [command] --autoclose
Artisan::call('ami:cli', [
    'command'     => [command],
    '--autoclose' => true,

Without Laravel

php ./vendor/bin/ami ami:listen --host= --port=5038 --username=username --secret=secret --monitor