This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the lightsaml/sp-bundle package instead.

Symfony2 SAML2 authentication bundle

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New version of this library is available in it's own organization lightsaml/sp-bundle supporting Symfony from version 2.3 to version 3.0. This old version of lightsaml will not be upgraded to support symfony versions newer then 2.7. More details on new version on LightSAML website.

It is recommended to upgrade to the new lightsaml/lightsaml version. Still, this old library will be kept maintained for a while with bug fixes, but no new features will be added.

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The SamlSpBundle adds support for SAML 2.0 Service Provider in Symfony2. It provides security listener that can be configured to authenticate users against one or more SAML Identity Providers.

Included features:

  • Federation Metadata XML
  • Discovery Service
  • AuthnRequest / Single Sign On Login
  • LogoutRequest / Single Logout
  • Http Post and Http Redirect Bindings


Getting Started

Configuration Reference

Configuring/Implementing User Provider


SamlSpBundle is an open source project and is open for contributions. Please follow guidelines from Contributing and collaboration wiki page.


Thanks to FriendsOfSymfony/FOSUserBundle and formapro/FpOpenIdBundle open source projects that helped understand better how Symfony2 security works and learn how custom security extensions should be built.