Aware-of Helpers for Laravel components and other utilities

7.10.0 2023-03-17 15:06 UTC


Offers complementary components and helpers to Laravel's Support package.

Laravel Aware-of Helpers

Traits that offer Getters and Setters helpers for some of Laravel's core packages.

These components allow you to manually set and retrieve a Laravel component, e.g. a configuration Repository. Additionally, when no component instance has been specified, it will automatically default to whatever Laravel has bound in the Service Container.

You can think of these helpers as supplements, or alternatives to Laravel's native Facades.

use \Aedart\Support\Helpers\Config\ConfigTrait;

class MyApiService
    use ConfigTrait;    

    public function __construct()
        $config = $this->getConfig();

        $url = $config->get('services.trucks-api.url');
        // ... remaining not shown ...

Aware-of Properties

In addition to the Laravel Aware-of Helpers, this package comes with an abundance of "aware-of xyz" helpers. These are generated traits that offer getters and setter methods for various types properties. They are mostly useful when creating DTOs.

use \Aedart\Support\Properties\Strings\NameTrait;
use \Aedart\Support\Properties\Integers\AgeTrait;

class Person
    use NameTrait;
    use AgeTrait;


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