An implementation of Drupal 9 for running custom, low code websites on the Acquia platform.

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An opinionated implementation of Drupal 9 for running low code websites in the Acquia platform.

Installing Acquia CMS

If you're contributing to Acquia CMS as a developer, see our install instructions in

If you're installing Acquia CMS to build a new Drupal project on the Acquia platform, we invite you to use our Acquia CMS Composer template: Acquia CMS Project. This repository is for developers contributing to the Acquia CMS distribution.


User-facing documentation for Acquia CMS lives on Acquia's documentation website.


See Changelog for release notes.

Developing Acquia CMS

Click here for a developers guide.

Contributing to Acquia CMS

Click here for a contributors guide.


Copyright (C) 2021 Acquia, Inc.

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