Symfony real time notification system

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1.0.0 2016-10-15 11:23 UTC

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This bundle offers a predefined architecture for a notification system using Redis and Node.js

Everything is based on the Pub/Sub (publish/subscribe) system of Redis, here is simple diagram of what happen behind the scene:

Alt text

Each messages contains a content rendered by twig and an array of the users id.


Use composer :

php composer.phar require ack/notification-bundle

Register the bundle in your app/AppKernel.php file :

$bundles = array(
    new Ack\NotificationBundle\AckNotificationBundle(),

If you already have a server node running on your application you have an example of implementation in example_server.js

Else, after the assets install, you can go in /web/bundles/acknotification/nodejs and:

npm install

node server.js


From a controller or anywhere you have access to the 'ack.notifier' service:

    ':notification:test.html.twig', // Any twig file
    array(1, 2, 3), // Array of the users id that need to be notified, use '*' if you want to notify everyone (anonymous users included)
    array() // Optional parameters according the your twig view

Do not forget to load and connect to the server.

<script src="http://your.domain:1337/"></script>

    if (typeof io !== 'undefined') {
        var socket = io.connect('http://your.domain:1337');

After you have emitted the 'loaded' event from your frontend, Node.js will catch it and store your user in a Redis hash. That way we have a list of the online users somewhere and each hash contains the socketId.

    socket.emit('loaded', {
        id : '{{ app.user is not null ? : "anon." }}'

Once Node.js receive a notification, it emits an event 'notification' to each users id, you can do that kind of script in your frontend, to notify users.

socket.on('notification', function (notification) {
    // get <div> "notifications" and append notification

This bundle has a dependency on snc redis, so do not forget to add this on your config.yml I recommend using redis for your other needs such as session storing, caching, logging and more here: SncRedisBundle

            type: predis
            alias: default
            dsn: redis://localhost
            logging: %kernel.debug%