ZF2 Common elements

dev-master 2015-01-28 15:16 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-04-03 17:21:37 UTC



  • FzyCommon\Service\EntityToForm: accepts doctrine entity and returns a ZF2 form class (\Zend\Form\Form) bound to the entity and hydrated with its information.
  • FzyCommon\EntityToForm: alias for FzyCommon\Service\EntityToForm
  • FzyCommon\Service\Search\Result: accepts a result provider interface and formats the search result in a standard way
  • FzyCommon\Search\Result: alias for FzyCommon\Service\Search\Result
  • FzyCommon\Service\Url: service to create URLs from ZF2 route names or from an AWS S3 key
  • FzyCommon\Url: alias for FzyCommon\Service\Url
  • FzyCommon\Service\Render: service to render a View Model or string path to a view file into HTML
  • FzyCommon\Render: alias for FzyCommon\Service\Render
  • FzyCommon\Config: returns the ZF2 application's configuration wrapped in a \FzyCommon\Util\Params container.
  • FzyCommon\ModuleConfig: returns config data specific to this module (\FzyCommon\Service\Base::MODULE_CONFIG_KEY) wrapped in a \FzyCommon\Util\Params container.
  • FzyCommon\Service\Aws\Config: returns the aws key from FzyCommon\ModuleConfig wrapped in a \FzyCommon\Util\Params container.
  • FzyCommon\Service\Aws\S3\Config: returns the s3 key from FzyCommon\Service\Aws\Config wrapped in a \FzyCommon\Util\Params container.
  • FzyCommon\Service\Aws\S3: returns configured \Aws\S3\S3Client object (using FzyCommon\Service\Aws\S3\Config)
  • FzyCommon\Factory\DoctrineCache: returns configured Doctrine\Common\Cache class based on environment.

View Helpers

  • fzyFlashMessages: returns an array of arrays of messages in the flash messenger, indexed by their type. e.g. [ "success": [ "Your settings have been saved" ], "warning": [], "danger": [], "info": [] ]
  • fzyEntityToForm: provides shortcut to the FzyCommon\Service\EntityToForm service
  • fzyNgInit: handles json encoding and escaping literals, objects and doctrine entities for injection into an angular scope.
  • fzyRequest: accessor for the view to query the current request

Controller Plugins

  • fzySearchResult: plugin to standardize the response format for a search.
  • fzyUpdateResult: plugin to standardize the response format for an update.
  • fzyEntityToForm: provides shortcut to the FzyCommon\Service\EntityToForm service



  • debug: used as a flag to indicate this code should expose errors and exceptions for debugging.
  • production: used as a flag to indicate this code is running in a production environment.
  • doctrine_cache: the service key to be used for generating the doctrine cache object. (default: FzyCommon\Factory\DoctrineCache which is a Redis service)
  • doctrine_cache_config: configuration for setting up the doctrine_cache service. (default: the Redis connection credentials)
  • aws: configuration for connecting to AWS services (should contain credentials indexed by service like:
"aws": [
  "s3": [
    "key": "your-aws-key",
    "secret": "your-aws-secret"