Wordpress meets Laravel 5.

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About WordPress+ (WordPress Plus)

WordPress+ wrapped WordPress in high-speed micro framework Lumen powered by Laravel 5.


  • Existing asset such as the WordPress plug-in exhibited all over the world and a theme is available.
  • It's possible to renew the WordPress body (of course, plug-in).
  • With Uniform Resource Locator gate (the bed where HTTP access from a browser is filtered).
  • The coding speed of a HyperText Markup Language template goes up by a Blade template engine.
  • The MySQL use which is to utilize a schema builder query builder of Laravel and is general can be done.
  • An existence system and cooperation with the outside web service are easy to make.
  • The original management screen done based on a management screen of WordPress is easy to make (The cost of the management screen making can be lowered.)
  • Mobile cooperation (ex. notice to smart phone) is also easy!

The happy of the development side

  • It's possible to carry out by a PHP built-in server (The practical use for which I don't depend on Apache is also possible.)
  • PHP package management using Composer is possible.
  • A tool for all kinds' web craftsmen of giblets of Laravel 5 can be used (O-Auth authentication, command scheduler, Redis and cloud storage integration and all that).

WordPress+ requires

  • PHP version more than 5.6 (Lumen Framework was require more than PHP 5.5.9)
    • Enable PHP extensions: openssl, mbstring, pdo, pdo-mysql
  • Composer
  • Web Servers
    • Nginx
      • ※ Tested in Nginx 1.8
    • Apache 2
      • ※ Enable Apache 2 modules: php5, rewrite
      • ※ Tested in Apache 2.2, 2,4
    • PHP built-in server
      • ※ Tested in PHP 5.6, PHP 7

The function WordPress+ is supporting

  • Setup WordPress database on command line environment.
  • Make WordPress theme & plug-in on command line environment.
  • WordPress theme can using Blade template engine.
  • Multisite (Only corresponding to the subdomain type.)
    • Option: Set environment variable WP_MULTISITE=true to make it effective.
  • Link manager
    • Option: Set environment variable WP_LINK_MANAGER=true to make it effective.

About settings

Web server setting

Please to the following configuration files to reference.

Project-specific environment variables

WordPress+ you can specify a project local environment variables to .env file. This file is the area that can describe a common set to Lumen Application and WordPress.


  • Site URL, Backend URL for WordPress
  • Database connection settings.

Configuration file for WordPress wp-config.php

wp-config.php has been customized for WordPress+。 !!!Do Not Edit!!!


It can be installed from Composer or source cord download.

Installation using Composer

Please open a command prompt and carry out the next command.

$ cd <parent-of-an-install-directory>
$ composer create-project laravel-plus/wordpress <an-install-directory>

Source code is downloaded and installed.

A Download ZIP button of our repository of GitHub is pressed and source cord is downloaded.

And ZIP is developed in an optional directory of a local machine.

Please open a command prompt and run following commands.

$ cd <installed-directory>
$ composer install
$ cp .env.example .env
$ php artisan key:generate

Check to install. Once the command list is displayed, OK!

$ php artisan

Environment variables

The environment variable setting filing to which a project is peculiar writes the setting by which it's for a data base in .env. Please refer to .env.example for a setting example.

Server initiation method

It can start by a PHP built-in server.

Please open a command prompt and run following commands.

$ cd <installed-directory>
$ php artisan serve

When http://localhost:8000 is opened by a web browser, you can access. A GUI setup of WordPress starts at the first time launch. (Can also WordPress installation by artisan command wordpress:install)

A management screen is http://localhost:8000/backend (Redirect to http://localhost:8000/backend/wp-admin/).

To match the destination domain, please change the URL in the .env. And apart from the site URLWP_SITEURL and back-end URLWP_BACKENDURL, you can also increase the security.

Setting of a web server

Lumen 5 / Laravel 5 is recommending to take slash / of an end of Uniform Resource Locator by setting of a web server. But WordPress needs slash / of an end, so please be careful in case of setting. A redirection loop sometimes occurs after login to a management screen.

artisan commands

  • wordpress:status Status display for WordPress.
  • wordpress:install Install WordPress tables.
  • wordpress:uninstall Uninstall WordPress tables.
  • wordpress:multisite:install Install tables for multisite.
  • wordpress:multisite:uninstall Uninstall tables for multisite.
  • wordpress:theme List of themes.
  • wordpress:theme <name> Detail of theme.
  • wordpress:plugin List of plugins.
  • wordpress:plugin <name> Detail of plugin.
  • make:theme <name> Make theme.
  • make:plugin <name> Make plugin.

Use of Blade in the theme

A directory as blade is made in the theme directory and a file along a WordPress template file name agreement is arranged there. The extension is made .blade.php.

When setting environment variable WP_BLADE_PRECOMPILE as true (default), when indicating a page by WordPress+, a compiled PHP file is output in theme directory falling plumb down. WordPress+ is original mounting for the Blade engine used at the same time.

When setting environment variable WP_BLADE_PRECOMPILE as false, a PHP file in the sky which corresponds to a blade file is output in theme directory falling plumb down. The Blade engine used at the same time is mounting of Laravel 5.

Blade directives

  • @filter('filter-name') Call filter.
  • @action('action-name') Invoke action.
  • @shortcode([shortcode-name param1="value1"]) Expand shortcode.
  • @postloop @postloop($posts) A loop block of Post query is started.
  • @postempty A query begins to block one in case of 0 cases.
  • @endpostloop A loop block of Post query is ended.


2015 Fumio Furukawa / 古川 文生, All rights reserved.


WordPress+ is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license
Lumen framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license
WordPress is open-sourced software licensed under the – GNU General Public License –