Adds VATUSA ULS authentication support to your application

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Provides a wrapper around the web-token libraries for use with VATUSA's Unified Login Scheme.


  1. Require the vatusa/php-uls package in your composer.json and update your dependencies:
    $ composer require vatusa/laravel-uls
  2. Generate the configuration file


For php-uls to work you need to configure your jwk, uls version, and facility id. These are set through an options array in the constructor:

$options = [
    "version" => 2,
    "jwk" => $jwk,
    "facility" => "ZZZ"
$uls = new \Vatusa\Uls\Uls($options);


Using laravel-uls is fairly easy.

  1. Get your JSON Web Key from your facility's Technical Configuration page. https://www.vatusa.net/mgt/facility (NOTE: You must hold a ATM, DATM or WM role for that facility to generate/see the generated JSON Web Key)

  2. Store the JWK, unedited, in the config above (or, recommended quoted with single quotes in the .env file as ULS_JWK='... JWK from VATUSA...')

  3. To generate the redirect url, use:


    To handle the developmental returns, specify a boolean argument of true

  4. To verify a token, assume $token is the full token received from VATUSA's ULS endpoint

    $uls = new Uls($options);
    if ($uls->verifyToken($token)) {
       // Token was true

    The laravel-uls library conducts header verifications to ensure that the accepted algorithms are received. Additionally, it conducts the following claims checks, including:

    • Ensures the audience is you (IE, the token isn't meant for another facility)
    • The token is not expired
    • The Issued at time is logical (ie, not in the future)

    Because of this, a number of exceptions may be thrown:

    • InvalidArgumentException
    • Jose\Component\Checker\InvalidClaimException
    • Jose\Component\Checker\InvalidHeaderException
  5. To get the information of the user associated with the token, use:


    This will return an array of the decoded JSON from ULS. Details of the array can be found in the VATUSA Technical Manual M1022 at https://www.vatusa.net.


Released under the GNU Public License 3.0, see LICENSE.