Generate persistantly unique colors from a string.

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Generate persistently unique colors from a string.
Created by Chris Kankiewicz (@PHLAK)


Install with Composer

composer require phlak/colorizer


// Import Colorizer
use PHLAK\Colorizer;

// Initialize Colorizer
$colorize = new Colorizer\Colorize();

// Generate a Color object from 'foo'
$color = $colorize->text('foo'); // Returns a new Color object

// Get the red, green and blue values
$color->red;    // 165
$color->green;  // 196
$color->blue;   // 254

// Generate a hex color code
$color->hex();  // Returns '#a5c4fe'

// Generate a RGB color code
$color->rgb();  // Returns 'rgb(165, 196, 254)'

Normalizing Colors

You can enforce RGB values to fall within a certain range to prevent colors from being too bright or dark. This is possible by passing minimum and maximum normalization values (0-255) to the Colorize class on initialization:

$colorize = new Colorizer\Colorize(64, 224);

or fluently:

$colorize->text('foo')->normalize(64, 224)->rgb();  // Returns 'rgb(165, 196, 224)'


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This project is licensed under the MIT License.