Packages tagged with csrf

  • vundo/csrf

    Simple CSRF token class

  • slim/csrf

    Slim Framework CSRF protection middleware

  • romeoz/rock-csrf

    CSRF module for Rock Framework

  • resonantcore/anti-csrf

    Resonant Core's Anti-CSRF Security Library

  • owasp/csrf-protector-php

    CSRF protector php, a standalone php library for csrf mitigation in web applications. Easy to integrate in any php web app.

  • fantoine/csrf-route-bundle

    Symfony2 bundle which provides a simple way to add CSRF tokens to routes

  • resonantcore/lib


    Collection of libraries developed by Resonant Core for internal use

  • doowebdev/doo-csrf

    Doo csrf is a simple, easy to use random token generator for PHP Scripts to prevent csrf - cross site request forgery.

  • citfact/form

    Form Generator based on highload and default information blocks

  • riimu/kit-csrf

    Secure and simple CSRF library protected against timing and BREACH attacks

  • korotovsky/csrf-validator-bundle

    Validate CSRF token via annotation

  • glynnforrest/reform

    Create forms that render and validate with ease.

  • ingenerator/tokenista

    Simple signed and expiring token generator and validator - for password reset, CSRF, authentication, whatever

  • gajus/dora

    Input generation library for value resolution, data persistence, templates, CSRF and protection from XSS.

  • dunglas/angular-csrf-bundle

    CSRF protection when using AngularJS with Symfony2