Packages tagged with csrf

  • korotovsky/csrf-validator-bundle

    Validate CSRF token via annotation

  • ingenerator/tokenista

    Simple signed and expiring token generator and validator - for password reset, CSRF, authentication, whatever

  • gajus/dora

    Input generation library for value resolution, data persistence, templates, CSRF and protection from XSS.

  • dunglas/angular-csrf-bundle

    CSRF protection when using AngularJS with Symfony2

  • shadowprince/forman-csrf

    CSRF protection plugin for shadowprince/forman

  • psecio/csrf

    CSRF Token Generation Library

  • stefangabos/zebra_form

    A jQuery augmented PHP library for creating and validating HTML forms

  • padraic/security-multitool

    A multitool library offering access to recommended security related libraries, standardised implementations of security defences, and secure implementations of commonly performed tasks.

  • kunststube/csrfp

    A signed token generator for cross site request forgery protection.

  • suin/symfony2-csrf-firewall-bundle

    Cross site request forgery firewall bundle for Symfony2

  • phery/phery

    XAJAX alternative, phery.js is a library in PHP that maps to all jQuery functions, DOM manipulation, meta arguments and serialization, seamless ajax integration, RESTful emulation, form submission and partial rendering views, plus its PSR-0 compatible

  • aura/session

    Provides session management functionality, including session segments, read-once (flash) values, CSRF tools, and lazy session starting.