Provides user management for your Nette project.

v0.5.0 2023-01-06 01:52 UTC

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⚠️ Warning! This package does not have active support, it exists only for the historical needs of the author.


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The package adds support for a database-backed user system for Nette. It provides a user management that aims to handle common tasks such as user registration, login, password retrieval and much more.


The best way to install 68publishers/user is using Composer:

composer require 68publishers/user


// @todo

Rules for contributing

  • 1 PR per feature
  • PR with tests are more likely to be merged
  • tests and coding standard must pass
vendor/bin/tester ./tests -s
vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --config=.php_cs.dist -v --dry-run