Fixtures bundle based on Alice project.

v0.1.10 2021-02-03 19:02 UTC


A Nette bundle to manage fixtures with an integration of packages nelmio/alice and theofidry/AliceDataFixtures. The bundle supports Nette in versions 2.4 and 3!


The best way to install 68publishers/fixtures-bundle is using Composer:

$ composer require 68publishers/fixtures-bundle

Integration of Alice

Alice is a fixture generator that can hydrate entities or any objects from YAML, JSON, or raw PHP definitions. This package adds also a parser for NEON files.

Continue to the integration guide here.

Integration of AliceDataFixtures

A package AliceDataFixtures provides a persistent layer for data fixtures. The only supported ORM/ODM is Doctrine:

  • Doctrine ORM 2.5+
  • Doctrine ODM 1.2+
  • Doctrine PHPCR 1.4+

Eloquent and Propel 2 are not supported by this integration.

Continue to the integration guide here.

Integration of Fixtures Bundle

The Fixtures Bundle wraps functionality from both integrations and allows you to run fixtures in defined scenarios.

Continue to the integration guide here.


Before committing any changes, don't forget to run

$ vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --config=.php_cs.dist -v --dry-run


$ composer run tests