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  • PHP


    A WordPress plugin/module which adds a security token and expiration to media uploads which can be used in conjuction with Nginx's http_secure_link_module to limit unauthenticated access.

  • PHP


    A WordPress api to kick off globally singleton actions. It will lock the action to prevent other requests from kicking off the same action.

  • PHP


    A WordPress plugin/module that provides the ability to map relationships between posts and other post types

  • PHP


    A WordPress library to display a user interface to easily select posts from any post type

  • PHP


    Easily create post metaboxes and add fields

  • PHP


    A simplification of the core WordPress settings API

  • PHP


    A composer package for WordPress to help manage plugin dependencies.

  • PHP


    You may wish to store a larger option value than is recommended on If your option data will exceed 400K, or is of an unpredictable size (such as an HTML fragment etc.) you should use the wp_large_options plugin to store the option in a cache-safe manner. Failure to do this could result in the option not being cached, and instead fetched repeatedly from the DB, which could cause performance problems.

  • PHP


    A simplified interface to insure that a WordPress plugin has been loaded

  • Shell


    Install scripts and commands for basic quality checks and testing for WordPress projects