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Install scripts and commands for basic quality checks and testing for WordPress projects

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A set of scripts to facilitate the ease of adding syntax checking, unit testing, and code sniffs to a given WordPress project theme or plugin.

The wp-qa-suite provides a consistent way for projects to include continuous integration functionality with something like Travis CI without needing to write BASH statements. Since wp-qa-suite can be installed via Composer, this makes updating wp-qa-suite for multiple projects easy.


  1. Add a composer.json file to install the wp-qa-suite, example:
  "name": "you/your-wordpress-plugin",
  "description": "A WordPress plugin to illustrate how to use wp-qa-suite...",
  "license": "GPLv2+",
  "repositories": [
      "type": "git",
      "url": "https://github.com/voceconnect/wp-qa-suite.git"
  "require-dev": {
    "voceconnect/wp-qa-suite": "~1.0"
  "bin": [
  1. Execute composer install --dev



Reads a phpcs.ruleset.xml from the root of the project and executes phpcs against only PHP files in the project using git ls-tree. WordPress-Coding-Standards/WordPress-Coding-Standards are installed and added to the installed_paths configuration of phpcs.


Installs the latest or a specific version of WordPress, the WordPress test suite, sets up the database, and executes phpunit --configuration phpunit.xml. Settings are read from a phpunit.xml stored in the project root.


  • wp_version - (required) the version of WordPress to test against, 3.9.2, 3.8.4, etc. or latest.
  • DB_USER - (optional, default: travis) the username to use when connecting to MySQL
  • DB_PASS - (optional, default: none) the password for the DB_USER to use when connecting to MySQL
  • DB_NAME - (optional, default: wp_test) the MySQL database name to use for tests
  • DB_HOST - (optional, default: localhost) the host running the MySQL instance to connect to


Executes syntax checks against all PHP files in the project. Since git ls-tree is used, the script will only scan over files included in the project and not dependencies installed via Composer.

Integrating with Travis CI

An example .travis.yml file:

language: php

  - 5.5
  - 5.4

  - WP_VERSION=latest

  - composer install --dev

  - vendor/bin/wp-qa-syntax
  - vendor/bin/wp-qa-phpunit $WP_VERSION

The .travis.yml file specifies how the application should be tested in Travis CI.

In the example within this repository, we want to test our plugin against PHP versions 5.4 and 5.5:

  - 5.5
  - 5.4

We can also tests against different versions of WordPress by specifying an environment variable, WP_VERSION. The WP_VERSION environment variable is passed to the wp-qa-phpunit script and used to retrieve the latest or specific version of WordPress.

  - WP_VERSION=latest

The before_script section of the .travis.yml file should be used to 'setup' or 'prep' the test environment, in this case it is used to install Composer dependencies.

  - composer install --dev

The script section of the .travis.yml file specifies what should be executed that constitutes "tests" or a "build". If these commands return an exit status that doesn't equal 0, this results in the build "failing".

  - vendor/bin/wp-qa-syntax
  - vendor/bin/wp-qa-phpunit $WP_VERSION

In this example, we want to execute a check of all the PHP files for correct syntax, followed by execution of PHP unit tests.