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netgen's packages

  • PHP


    Netgen Comments is an eZ Publish extension that builds upon existing eZ Comments extension, adding AJAX commenting capabilities.

  • PHP


    Netgen Connect is a simple eZ Publish extension able to provide user sign in by using social network authentication and authorization.

  • PHP


    Extension demonstrating hybrid approach in eZ Publish 5.

  • PHP


    Netgen indexer is an extension that allows storing of data from a certain set of content objects directly to Solr document of another content object.

  • Smarty


    nginfocollector is an eZ Publish legacy extension that integrates GDPR features into eZ Publish legacy collected information

  • PHP


    Netgen Language Switcher is an extension that provides another way of generating links for language switcher in eZ Publish

  • PHP


    Netgen OIB is a simple eZ Publish extension that provides a datatype that validates and stores a personal identification number of Croatian citizens.

  • PHP


    Netgen Open Graph is an extension for eZ Publish CMS that allows simple integration with Open Graph protocol, either official or compatible with Facebook.

  • PHP


    Netgen Push provides a simple and effective way to push any kind of content from eZ Publish to various social networks.

  • JavaScript


    eZ Publish 4 extension that eases creation and usage of responsive images by leveraging eZ Publish image aliases

  • PHP


    Netgen Symfony Tools is an eZ Publish 4 extension that provides a way to include Twig templates, as well as running Symfony sub-requests, directly from the eZ Publish legacy templates.

  • PHP


    Netgen Open Graph Bundle is an eZ Platform bundle that allows simple integration with Open Graph protocol.

  • PHP


    eZ Platform Bundle for OpenWeatherMap

  • PHP


    Query Translator is a search query translator with AST representation

  • PHP


    A demo for the Query Translator library