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    Skeleton for projects based on Bedrock by

  • wpify/benefit-plus-gateway-sdk

    This is a "swagger" definition of application programming interface of the Benefit Plus e-commerce payment gateway 3. You may leverage this API from your e-shop to integrate payments by employee-benefits-programme funds. This version of the programme uses mobile payment application Benefit Plus Pay. <br/><br/>RFC version - this is a conceptual document intended for reviewing by the Benefit Plus partnering merchants and for integration planning.</br></br> <b>Requests signing</b></br></br>All requests except <code>/auth/token</code> must be signed by "SHA-256 with RSA" (RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">RFC 8017 chapter 8.2</a>) electronic signatures. See online gateway documentation for details.

  • wpify/core

    WPify Core library

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    WPify Custom Fields

  • wpify/data-warehouse-api-php-sdk

    No description provided (generated by Openapi Generator

  • wpify/dpd-geo-php-sdk

    This documentations describes what the GeoAPI is and how to use it properly. **What is GeoAPI** The GeoAPI allows DPD customers to manage (CRUD) their shipments and shipment related data. The main purpose of the API is to provide the customer the means for: - Creating and managing new shipments - Ordering pickups for parcels - Printing parcel labels - Listing all available shipping services - Validating shipping routes It also provides methods for listing your pickup addresses and the details of individual parcels. Each user is assigned a user account under which he is able to track multiple customer DSWs (customer numbers). You as a customer can use a single GeoAPI account to send shipments under multiple DPD customer numbers.

  • wpify/dpd-shipment-sdk

    Package generated from using wsdltophp/packagegenerator

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    Heureka shopping cart API

  • wpify/kaufland-api-php-sdk

    This is the Seller API v2. You can find more information on [](

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    WPify Log