codingms member since: May 03, 2018

codingms's packages

  • codingms/portfolios

    Portfolios TYPO3-Extension for displaying portfolios and references

  • codingms/questions

    Questions - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • codingms/rss-app

    This Plugin enables you to display RSS.App feeds (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more) in TYPO3 - more information on

  • codingms/schedulermonitor

    Monitors TYPO3 scheduler tasks and send an email if a task has failed or is running too long.

  • codingms/schema-org

    Adds information into your site.

  • codingms/shop

    Simple Shop for TYPO3 incl. PayPal, PayPal-Plus, Klarna, Stripe, Bookmarks, UPS-API, Invoice generation, backend module, compare feature, graduated prices and many more - note there is a Pro version as well!

  • codingms/view-statistics

    Logs frontend actions and display them in a backend module. Track page views, News, Downloads and custom objects. Optionally tracks frontend user logins and login durations. Alternative extension for Google-Analytics, Matomo, Piwik - this extension does not use any cookies! By default it does not track any personal data like IP address or even the user agent (though this can be activated optionally).