Library - Simple cron class bound to the JS lib that come with it.

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v1.3 2023-11-25 16:58 UTC

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Cron jQuery plugin

Originaly created in july 2012.

Important ⚠️

1️⃣ The project is hosted on GitLab (github is only a synchronized repo).
2️⃣ I have not the time to maintain anything here outside the small php class.
3️⃣ Make a PR if you want to have a chance to see changes.
4️⃣ This is a very old project, nowadays, it could be ported to be browser-native without any jQuery.

If you are a JS developer and want to maintain this repo, feel free to contact me.


  • multi select
  • i18n
  • custom binding with dom element (can be two ways sync for instance with input)
  • lots of options (reset button, default value, ...)
  • php class to test matching dates


  • react-js-cron: A React cron editor with antd inspired by jqCron