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    Rinvex Contacts is a polymorphic Laravel package, for contact management system. You can add contacts to any eloquent model with ease.

  • PHP


    Rinvex Forms is a dynamic form builder for Laravel, it's like the missing gem, the possibilities of using it are endless! With flexible API and powerful features you can build almost every kind of complex form with ease.

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    Rinvex Menus is a simple menu builder package for Laravel, that supports hierarchical structure, ordering, and styling with full flexibility using presenters for easy styling and custom structure of menu rendering.

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    Rinvex Pages is an integral part for your Laravel content management system (CMS), it affords an easy, yet powerful way to create and manage pages with full control over their URLs, active status, titles, content, and other attributes.

  • PHP


    Rinvex Statistics is a lightweight, yet detailed package for tracking and recording user visits across your Laravel application. With only one simple query per request, important data is being stored, and later a cronjob crush numbers to extract meaningful stories from within the haystack.

  • PHP


    Rinvex Subscriptions is a flexible plans and subscription management system for Laravel, with the required tools to run your SAAS like services efficiently. It's simple architecture, accompanied by powerful underlying to afford solid platform for your business.

  • PHP


    Rinvex common support helpers, contracts, and traits required by various Rinvex packages. Validator functionality, and basic controller included out-of-the-box.

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    Rinvex Tags is a polymorphic Laravel package, for tag management. You can tag any eloquent model with ease, and utilize the awesomeness of Sluggable, and Translatable models out of the box.

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    Rinvex Tenants is a contextually intelligent polymorphic Laravel package, for single db multi-tenancy. You can completely isolate tenants data with ease using the same database, with full power and control over what data to be centrally shared, and what to be tenant related and therefore isolated from others.

  • PHP


    Rinvex Testimonials is a polymorphic Laravel package for managing testimonials. Customers can give you testimonials, and you can approve or disapprove each individually. Testimonials are good for showing the passion and love your service gets from customers, encouraging others to join the hype!

  • PHP


    Rinvex Widgets is a powerful and easy to use widget system, that combines both the power of code logic and the flexibility of template views. You can create asynchronous widgets, reloadable widgets, and use the console generator to auto generate your widgets, all out of the box.

  • PHP


    Rinvex Universities is a simple and lightweight package for retrieving university details with flexibility. A whole bunch of data including name, country, state, email, website, telephone, address, and much more attributes for the 17k+ known universities worldwide at your fingertips.

  • PHP


    Cortex Auth B2B2C2 (Business to Business, Business to Customer, Business to Business to Customer) is a complementary module for cortex/auth which is frontend layer for the powerful authentication, authorization and verification package rinvex/laravel-auth on top of Laravel.

    Abandoned! See cortex/auth

  • PHP


    Rinvex Addresses is a polymorphic Laravel package, for addressbook management. You can add addresses to any eloquent model with ease.

    Abandoned! See rinvex/laravel-addresses

  • PHP


    Rinvex Attributes is a robust, intelligent, and integrated Entity-Attribute-Value model (EAV) implementation for Laravel Eloquent, with powerful underlying for managing entity attributes implicitly as relations with ease. It utilizes the power of Laravel Eloquent, with smooth and seamless integration.

    Abandoned! See rinvex/laravel-attributes