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microframework for PHP 5.3 CRUD pattern

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Project URL: https://github.com/zofe/rapyd-framework/

Rapyd is a PHP microframework for PHP 5.3 built on top of Slim Framework, Twig, Symfony Forms, Illuminate/Database, Twitter Bootstrap.

In detail:

  • Rapyd extend Slim application to give you an MVC with modular separation framework
  • It use Twig as view template engine
  • Illuminate/Database (Fluent query and schema builder, and Eloquent ORM) as db engine
  • Symfony Forms as base of Form widgets
  • Bootstrap 3 as standard for html/css output
  • A Pool of presentation widgets (DataGrids, etc..) to let you develop CRUDL applications really fast.

Felice Ostuni


development of rapyd-framerowk is now stopped. (FORK IT if you like, I can't give support).
Reason: I focused development on the "laravel" version.
if you need Slim/Twig/Eloquent take a look at:

In you need Slim (or any other router) /Blade/Eloquent take a look at:

Development of rapyd-laravel is now ative (FORK IT and help in development with PULL REQUEST).
Rapyd is now reborn as standard laravel package:


install via composer

$ composer create-project -s dev zofe/rapyd-framework rapyd-framework

(you can also, fork on github, download, git clone.. etc) Remember to setup your vhost document-root to rapyd-framework/web

You'll get: a simple mvc, a powerful query builder & orm, a great template engine, powerful forms:

-- /web -- is the document root folder you should set this folder as document root in your vhost

-- /src/App --
is where to develop your application (using MVC) for example using eloquent-orm for you model, twig for your views, and controllers that extends \Rapyd\Controller

-- /src/Modules -- just if you need to split application in modules


  • reimplement rapyd CRUD widgets:
    • dataform
    • datafilter
    • dataedit

really old version demo, documentation & source

Note: I'll try do reimplement this stuffs in curret version