Image file wrapper with generic transformation support.

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Image file wrapper to provide image-specific metadata and transformations.


composer require zenstruck/image



Zenstruck\ImageFileInfo extends \SplFileInfo.

use Zenstruck\ImageFileInfo;

$image = ImageFileInfo::wrap('some/local.jpg'); // create from local file
$image = ImageFileInfo::from($resource); // create from resource/stream (in a temp file)

// dimensional information
$image->dimensions()->height(); // int
$image->dimensions()->width(); // int
$image->dimensions()->aspectRatio(); // float
$image->dimensions()->pixels(); // int
$image->dimensions()->isSquare(); // bool
$image->dimensions()->isLandscape(); // bool
$image->dimensions()->isPortrait(); // bool

// other metadata
$image->mimeType(); // string (ie "image/jpeg")
$image->guessExtension(); // string - the extension if available or guess from mime-type
$image->iptc(); // array - IPTC data (if the image supports)
$image->exif(); // array - EXIF data (if the image supports)

// utility
$image->refresh(); // self - clear any cached metadata
$image->delete(); // void - delete the image file

// access any \SplFileInfo methods


Images created with ImageFileInfo::from() are created in unique temporary files and deleted at the end of the script.


The following transformers are available:

To use the desired transformer, type-hint the first parameter of the callable passed to Zenstruck\ImageFileInfo::transform() with the desired transformer's image object:

  • GD: \GdImage
  • Imagick: \Imagick
  • intervention\image: Intervention\Image\Image
  • imagine\imagine: Imagine\Image\ImageInterface
  • spatie\image: Spatie\Image\Image


The return value of the callable must be the same as the passed parameter.

The following example uses \GdImage but any of the above type-hints can be used.

/** @var Zenstruck\ImageFileInfo $image */

$resized = $image->transform(function(\GdImage $image): \GdImage {
    // perform desired manipulations...

    return $image;
}); // a new temporary Zenstruck\ImageFileInfo instance (deleted at the end of the script)

// configure the format
$resized = $image->transform(
    function(\GdImage $image): \GdImage {
        // perform desired manipulations...

        return $image;
    ['format' => 'png']

// configure the path for the created file
$resized = $image->transform(
    function(\GdImage $image): \GdImage {
        // perform desired manipulations...

        return $image;
    ['output' => 'path/to/file.jpg']

Transform "In Place"

/** @var Zenstruck\ImageFileInfo $image */

$resized = $image->transformInPlace(function(\GdImage $image): \GdImage {
    // perform desired manipulations...

    return $image;
}); // overwrites the original image file

Filter Objects

Both Imagine and Intervention have the concept of filters. These are objects that can be passed directly to transform() and transformInPlace():

/** @var Imagine\Filter\FilterInterface $imagineFilter */
/** @var Intervention\Image\Filters\FilterInterface $interventionFilter */
/** @var Zenstruck\ImageFileInfo $image */

$transformed = $image->transform($imagineFilter);
$transformed = $image->transform($interventionFilter);

Custom Filter Objects

Because transform() and transformInPlace() accept any callable, you can wrap complex transformations into invokable filter objects:

class GreyscaleThumbnail
    public function __construct(private int $width, private int $height)

    public function __invoke(\GdImage $image): \GdImage
        // greyscale and resize to $this->width/$this->height

        return $image;

To use, pass a new instance to transform() or transformInPlace():

/** @var Zenstruck\ImageFileInfo $image */

$thumbnail = $image->transform(new GreyscaleThumbnail(200, 200));

$image->transformInPlace(new GreyscaleThumbnail(200, 200));