This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the laminas/laminas-mvc-i18n package instead.

Integration between zend-mvc and zend-i18n

1.1.1 2019-09-03 20:50 UTC

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Last update: 2020-01-28 20:11:59 UTC


Repository abandoned 2019-12-31

This repository has moved to laminas/laminas-mvc-i18n.

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zend-mvc-i18n provides integration between:

  • zend-i18n
  • zend-mvc
  • zend-router

and replaces the i18n functionality found in the v2 releases of the latter two components.


$ composer require zendframework/zend-mvc-i18n

Assuming you are using the component installer, doing so will enable the component in your application, allowing you to immediately start developing console applications via your MVC. If you are not, please read the introduction for details on how to register the functionality with your application.

For use with zend-mvc v3 and up

While this component has an initial stable release, please do not use it with zend-mvc releases prior to v3, as it is not compatible.

Migrating from zend-mvc v2 i18n features to zend-mvc-i18n

Please see the migration guide for details on how to migrate your existing zend-mvc console functionality to the features exposed by this component.