A Free and OpenSource Lightweight CLI app to bootstrap WordPress Theme Development

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Themeboot CLI


Themeboot is A Free and OpenSource Lightweight CLI app to bootstrap WordPress Theme Development created by @zaghadon. This repository is the official repository for themeboot.

Why themeboot

Me self no know ooh, but as e be, if you use it and you like it eh, Just send me your project link let me list it on the Created with section and why you enjoyed it so I can update this section too please. Thank you <3

Getting Started

You'll need php-cli, Composer and A local WordPress installation to get started.

Simple Installation:

Make sure to place Composer's system-wide vendor bin directory in your $PATH so the themeboot executable can be located by your system. This directory exists in different locations based on your operating system; however, some common locations include:

macOS: $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Composer\vendor\bin GNU / Linux Distributions: $HOME/.config/composer/vendor/bin or $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin

You could also find the composer's global installation path by running composer global about and looking up from the first line.

Run composer global require zaghadon/themeboot to install Themeboot Globally in your computer. Run themeboot to verify successful installation.

Another Way is to clone the project directly to your computer. Change Directory to the cloned project, Install composer dependency and allow the post installation cmd script to export the Shell Script to your local environment PATH to enable global access.

Run git clone Run cd themeboot Run composer install

If the post install script didn't run successfully, you can manually install it globally by:

  • Windows : Adding the path to themeboot to system PATH variable.
  • Linux : Run sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/themeboot /path/to/themeboot replacing path to with your themeboot installation location. This would create a symlink between your local global bin folder and themeboot executable binary.

Run themeboot to verify successful installation.

Simple Usage:

Change Directory to the theme Folder of your wordpress installation. cd **/wp-content/themes/ . Initialize new theme development with themeboot themeboot init


Contributions are very welcome! You can contribute with code, documentation, filing issues...


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