Scan your wordpress installation for known vulnerabilities

1.0.6 2016-02-13 19:21 UTC


#Wordpress vulnerabilities scanner Scan your wordpress installation and find out if there are any vulnerable plugins installed.

#Scanners scan:wordpress Scan your wordpress version scan:plugins Scan your installed plugins scan:wordpress Scan your installed themes

#Return code The command will return 1 if there are vulnerable plugins, themes or wordpresses found and show a table with explanations, the command will return 0 if no vulnerable plugins were found.

#Providers Most of the functionality is provided by providers using a Pipeline.


All the filters that create a list of the installed plugins should mutate the $plugins array before calling $next


All the filters that check for vulnerabilities should mutate the $plugins array after calling $next

#Pipeline This project uses the Laravel 5 Pipeline project.

#Config You can configure the plugin using the wp_scan.yml file.

#TODO Add more providers to add capabilities like reading composer files. Add a scanner that checks wordpress itself Add a scanner that checks themes Cleanup Tests