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Keep track of plugins and custom packages added with Composer in a user/composer.json file that is left untouched when you update YOURLS.

In a nutshell: composer add-plugin joecool/super-yourls-plugin

🚧   Work in progress. This will be included with the next version of YOURLS.

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Foreword : install YOURLS with Composer

Installing YOURLS with Composer is already possible out of the box and doesn't need anything special. Just do :

$> composer create-project yourls/yourls path/to/install

(For instance composer create-project yourls/yourls . in an empty directory)

Note that this merely downloads the latest YOURLS release in the specified directory. You will need after this to properly install YOURLS (see

Install plugins

As a user you simply need to require the plugin in your user/composer.json.

    "require": {
        "joecool/super-plugin": "^1.0"

Even easier, in the command line, just type:

$> composer add-plugin joecool/superplugin

This will download the plugin into user/plugins/superplugin , and transparently install any dependency in YOURLS' vendor directory.

This specific YOURLS plugin itself needs to be listed on Packagist. If it's not the case, nag your favorite plugin coder so they get it listed. Even better, open a simple Pull Request on their repository to help them doing so: see below.

💡 Try it yourself:
$> composer add-plugin ozh/example-plugin

Make YOURLS plugins compatible

As a plugin coder, this is a simple 2 steps operation: add a composer.json and get your plugin listed on Packagist. That's it.

1. Add a composer.json to your plugin

First, your plugin must require PHP 7.2+

The composer.json tells everything Composer needs to know about your plugin. The important bits are "type": "yourls-plugin" and "require" this installer "yourls/composer-installer" as a dependency

A minimalist composer.json would be for example:

    "name": "ozh/example-plugin",
    "description": "Example of a YOURLS plugin installable with Composer",
    "type": "yourls-plugin", // <-- THIS
    "require": {
        "php": ">=7.2",
        "yourls/composer-installer": "^1.0" // <-- AND THIS

Of course, your plugin can completely leverage all Composer features and use any package: simply list them as additional dependencies:

    "name": "joecool/awesome-plugin",
    "description": "This plugin does this and that",
    "type": "yourls-plugin",
    "require": {
        "php": ">=7.2",
        "yourls/composer-installer": "^1.0",
        "google/auth": "^2.3",
        "twilio/sdk": "^2.0",

In such case, additional dependencies for your plugin will be placed in YOURLS' includes/vendor

💡 Simple example:


2. Get listed on Packagist

This step is pretty straightforward, head to and follow instructions.

If you are completely new to Composer, their about page is a recommended read.


Making YOURLS plugins compatible with this Composer custom installer is easy and optimizes resources.

  • If several plugins use the same libraries, say endroid/qr-code, this library will be installed once in YOURLS and available to all plugins.
  • It makes it simple for site managers to quickly scaffold YOURLS sites: install everything with a simple one-liner: composer create-project yourls/yourls; composer require ozh/stuff slayer/pentagram
  • It makes it easier for plugin coders and plugin users to update plugins


Much of this custom installer code comes from project Kirby . Thanks a bunch to them.


MIT. Do whatever the hell you want with this.