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Provides support for HTML to PDF and PHP to PDF conversion

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HTML to PDF conversion extension for Yii2

This extension provides basic support for HTML to PDF and PHP to PDF conversion.

For license information check the LICENSE-file.

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The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist yii2tech/html2pdf

or add

"yii2tech/html2pdf": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json.

Note: you'll have to install software for the actual HTML to PDF conversion separately, depending on the particular converter, you would like to use.


This extension provides support for HTML to PDF and PHP to PDF conversion. It allows composition of the PDF files from HTML and via rendering PHP templates.

Extension functionality is aggregated into \yii2tech\html2pdf\Manager application component. Application configuration example:


return [
    'components' => [
        'html2pdf' => [
            'class' => 'yii2tech\html2pdf\Manager',
            'viewPath' => '@app/views/pdf',
            'converter' => 'wkhtmltopdf',

For the simple conversion you can use \yii2tech\html2pdf\Manager::convert() and \yii2tech\html2pdf\Manager::convertFile() methods:


$html = <<<HTML
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
<p>Simple Content</p>

// create PDF file from HTML content :

// convert HTML file to PDF file :

The actual conversion result determined by particular converter used. You may use \yii2tech\html2pdf\Manager::$converter property for the converter setup.

Several built-in converters are provided:

Heads up! Most of the provided converters require additional software been installed, which is not provided by his extension by default. You'll have to install it manually, once you decide, which converter you will use. Please refer to the particular converter class for more details.

You may specify conversion options via second argument of the convert() or convertFile() method:


    ->convertFile('/path/to/source.html', ['pageSize' => 'A4'])

You may setup default conversion options at the \yii2tech\html2pdf\Manager level:


return [
    'components' => [
        'html2pdf' => [
            'class' => 'yii2tech\html2pdf\Manager',
            'viewPath' => '@app/pdf',
            'converter' => [
                'class' => 'yii2tech\html2pdf\converters\Wkhtmltopdf',
                'defaultOptions' => [
                    'pageSize' => 'A4'

Note: the actual list of available conversion options depends on the particular converter to be used.

Template usage

You may create PDF files rendering PHP templates (view files), which composes HTML output. Such files are processed as regular view files, allowing passing params and layout wrapping. Method \yii2tech\html2pdf\Manager::render() used for this:


    ->render('invoice', ['user' => Yii::$app->user->identity])

You may use a shared layout for the templates, which can be setup via \yii2tech\html2pdf\Manager::$layout.

During each rendering view is working in context of \yii2tech\html2pdf\Template object, which can be used to adjust layout or PDF conversion options inside view file:

/* @var $this \yii\web\View */
/* @var $context \yii2tech\html2pdf\Template */
/* @var $user \app\models\User */
$context = $this->context;

$context->layout = 'layouts/payment'; // use specific layout for this template

// specify particular PDF conversion for this template:
$context->pdfOptions = [
    'pageSize' => 'A4',
    // ...
<p>For: <?= $user->name ?></p>