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Yii3 Mailer Services

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Mailer services

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The minimum requirement by this project template that your Web server supports PHP 7.4.0.


composer require yii-extension/mailer-service


You can inject mailer-service into the controller or action, and automatically all dependencies are resolved by autowired in di-container.

public function contact(
    MailerService $mailer,
    ServerRequestInterface $request,
): ResponseInterface {
        'test@example.com', // from
        'admin1@example.com', // to
        'TestMe', // subject
        '@mail', // path mail
        [ 'html' => 'contact'], // name layout
        [ // params
            'username' => 'User',
            'body' => 'TestMe',
        $request->getUploadedFiles(), // attach files

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