A simple Laravel user auditing package for Eloquent Model.

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Laravel Auditable is a simple Laravel auditing package for your Eloquent Model. This package automatically inserts/updates an audit log on your table on who created and last updated the record.

Install via Composer

$ composer require yajra/laravel-auditable


Update your model's migration and add created_by and updated_by field.

Schema::create('users', function (Blueprint $table) {
    $table->string('name', 100);

Then use AuditableTrait on your model.

namespace App;

use Yajra\Auditable\AuditableTrait;

class User extends Model
    use AuditableTrait;

And your done! The package will now automatically add a basic audit log for your model to track who inserted and last updated your records.

Change log

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$ composer test


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If you discover any security related issues, please email aqangeles@gmail.com instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.