Philippines Address Lookup API for Laravel.

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A package for providing Philippines Address lookup API with Laravel.


  • Via Composer
$ composer require yajra/laravel-address

Providers and Config

If you are using Laravel 5.5+ then the steps below are optional.

  • Register service provider
  • Publish config
$ php artisan vendor:publish

Available Config

address.prefix To change the API base route.

address.middleware Route middleware.

Required Setup (Migration and Seeder)

  • Run the address migration. php artisan migrate
  • Run the address seeder. php artisan db:seed --class=AddressSeeder


The default prefix for the api routes is /api/address. The default can be updated via config address.php file.

  • Get All Regions /api/address/regions.
  • Get All Provinces /api/address/provinces.
  • Get Provinces By Region /api/address/provinces/{regionId}.
  • Get Cities By Province /api/address/cities/{provinceId}.
  • Get Barangays By City /api/address/barangays/{cityId}.

Usage / Examples

Add address migration

Add address migration using $table->address(). This will add the following fields:

  • street
  • barangay_id
  • city_id
  • province_id
  • region_id

Include built-in form (Requires jQuery)

On your view, include @include('address::form', ['model' => $modelWithAddress])

Add scripts section on your master layout.

Before the end of body tag, include @stack('scripts').

-- Contents Here ---

<script src="/vendor/jquery.js"></script>

Model with Address Integration

Just use Yajra\Address\HasAddress trait on your model to load address models relationship.

use Yajra\Address\HasAddress;

class User extends Model {
    use HasAddress;

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