A Laravel 5.4+ Package that allows you to generate Tournaments tree

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A Laravel plugin that generate tournaments out of the box

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Laravel Tournaments Demo


  • Single Elimination Trees Generation
  • Single Elimination with Preliminary Round Generation
  • Playoff Generation
  • Third place fight
  • List of Fights Generation
  • Customize Preliminary Round Size
  • Customize area number (1,2,4,8)
  • Modify Single Elimination Tree generation on the fly
  • Use teams instead of competitors


This is still a work in progress. Things could change, things could break. Use it at your own risks in production


NOTE: Depending on your version of Laravel, you should install a different version of the package:

Laravel Version Laravel Tournament Version
5.8 0.16
5.7 0.15
5.6 0.14
5.5 0.13

First, you'll need to install the package via Composer:

composer require "xoco70/laravel-tournaments"

Finally, from the command line again, publish the default configuration file:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-tournaments --force


If you want to see plugin in action, you can go to: https://demo.kendozone.com/laravel-tournaments

To run the demo, you need to generate Tournaments, Championships, Users, Competitors and Settings

Run Migrations:

php artisan migrate
composer dump-autoload

Seed dummy data:

php artisan db:seed --class=LaravelTournamentSeeder

WARNING: Don't do this in production, it would wipe all your data. Use this line for demo purpose only

You will be able to access the demo at http://yourdomain.com/laravel-tournaments


// Create a tournament

$tournament = factory(Tournament::class)->create(['user_id' => Auth::user()->id]);

$championsip = factory(Championship::class)->create(['$tournament_id' => $tournament->id]);

// Optional, if not defined, it will take default in ChampionshipSettings

$settings = factory(ChampionshipSettings::class)->create(['championship_id' => $championship->id]);

// Add competitors to championship

$competitors = factory(\App\Competitor::class,10)->create([
    'championship_id' => $championship->id,
     'user_id' => factory(User::class)->create()->id

// Define strategy to generate

$generation = $championship->chooseGenerationStrategy();

// Generate everything


// Just generate Tree


// Just generate Fight List


Data model

Database Model



$tournament->owner; // get owner
$tournament->venue; // get venue
$tournament->championships; // get championships 

Check tournament type:


Check tournament level:

$tournament ->isInternational()


$championship->competitors; // Get competitors
$championship->teams; // Get teams
$championship->fighters; // Get fighters
$championship->category; // Get category
$championship->tournament; // Get tournament
$championship->users; // Get users
$championship->settings; // Get settings
$championship->fightersGroups; // Get groups 
$championship->groupsByRound($numRound = 1); // Get groups for a specific round
$championship->groupsFromRound($numRound = 1); // Get groups from a specific round
$championship->fights; // Get fights
$championship->firstRoundFights; // Get fights for the first round only ( Useful when has preliminary )
$championship->fights($numRound = 1); // Get fights for a specific round

NOTE: $fighter can be an instance of Team or Competitor

Determine strategy:


Determine group size:


Determine championship type:



$group->championship; // Get championship
$group->fights; // Get fights
$group->fighters; // Get fighters
$group->teams; // Get teams
$group->competitors; // Get competitors
$group->users; // Get users

NOTE: $fighter can be an instance of Team or Competitor

To get the instance name:

$group->getFighterType() // Should return Team::class or Competitor::class

NOTE: This plugin use laravel-nestedset. This means you can navigate with $group->children() or $group->parent() or use any methods available in this great plugin.


$competitor->user; // Get user


// Create a team

$team = factory(Team::class)
    ->create([ championship_id' => $championship->id]);
// Add competitor to team 


// Remove competitor from a team 



$fight->group; // Get group
$fight->competitor1; // Get competitor1
$fight->competitor2; // Get competitor2
$fight->team1; // Get team1
$fight->team2; // Get team2


Preliminary tree

@include('laravel-tournaments::partials.tree.preliminary') // Preliminary table

Single Elimination tree

@include('laravel-tournaments::partials.tree.singleElimination', ['hasPreliminary' => 0]) 

Fight List


Run Functional Tests

vendor/bin/phpunit tests


This is a work in progress, and tree creation might be very complex, so there is a bunch of things to achieve.

  • Seed fighter
  • Manage more than 1 fighter out of preliminary round
  • Modify Preliminary Round generation on the fly
  • Use any number of area ( restricted to 1,2,4,8)
  • Manage n+1 case : When for instance, there is 17 competitors in a direct elimination tree, there will have 15 BYES. We can improve that making the first match with 3 competitors.
  • Double elimination


Specified key was too long error

For those running MariaDB or older versions of MySQL you may hit this error when trying to run migrations: As outlined in the Migrations guide to fix this all you have to do is edit your AppServiceProvider.php file and inside the boot method set a default string length:

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Schema;

public function boot()

With this configuration, you must have at least...

This error means you don't have enough competitors / teams to create given tree Try to increase competitor number, decrease areas or preliminary group size, if preliminary round is active


  • v0.16: Update to Laravel 5.8
  • v0.15: Update to Laravel 5.7
  • v0.14: Update to Laravel 5.6 / PHP 7.2 support
  • v0.13: Manage third place fight
  • v0.12: Update to Laravel 5.5
  • v0.11: Initial Version